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KMH Lawyers is a leading Ottawa law firm with a focus in real estate law, commercial law, family law, will and estate planning, and civil and estate litigation. Our lawyers have proudly served the Ottawa community for more than 40 years and are ready to deliver results for you.
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Billings Bridge Plaza – 2323 Riverside Dr. Ottawa ON, Suite B0001 with free parking

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What We Do

Our diverse range of practice areas brings you peace-of-mind support for most of your personal & professional legal needs.
KMH Lawyers Ottawa Real Estate Law Services

Real Estate

Whether it is the purchase of your first house, the acquisition of a retail mall or the purchase of an office building our real estate team is ready to assist.

KMH Lawyers Ottawa Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

If you feel that another person or company has wronged you, you may have legal recourse. This could be a breach of contract, a negligent act or the destruction of your property.

KMH Lawyers Ottawa Estate Planning Services

Wills, Estates & Trusts

Offering our clients the benefit of a close working relationship to ensure that our planning advice addresses any issues that could be raised in a challenge to your plan.

KMH Lawyers Ottawa Legal Lawsuit

News & Publications

With our clients in mind, we have prepared publications to assist you with your various legal needs.
KMH Lawyers Ottawa Law Firm

Billings Bridge Plaza – 2323 Riverside Dr. Ottawa ON, Suite B0001 with free parking