KMH Lawyers Practice Areas

Our firm is proud to offer a very broad range of legal services in Ottawa

Real Estate

Whether it is the purchase of your first house, the acquisition of a retail mall or the purchase of an office building our real estate team is ready to assist.

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Wills, Estates & Trusts

Offering our clients the benefit of a close working relationship to ensure that our planning advice addresses any issues that could be raised.

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Civil Litigation

If you feel that another person or company has wronged you, you may have legal recourse. This could be a breach of contract, a negligent act or the destruction of your property.

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Estate Litigation

When a person passes away, he or she usually leaves money, property, and other interests behind. Those interests are known as the deceased person’s estate.

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Family Law

Resolving the complex issues that arise in family law. Our family law lawyers have extensive experience dealing with separations, divorces and disputes regarding custody.

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Business & Corporate Services

We help individuals, sole proprietors, partnerships, and corporations navigate the complex legal frameworks within which businesses work.

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“Our primary goal is to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our services so that they think of us again in the future.”
– Miriam Vale Peters

News & Publications

With our clients in mind, we have prepared publications to assist you with your various legal needs.
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